Pet Name: Basil
Pet Kind or Species: Rat
Date Introduced: 4th November 2009 (released 9th July 2010)
Description: The Basil is an LE rat marapet. The Sewer Cleaner mission is the main way to earn one. There are a few more ways to get a Basil as well: by way of taking your non-Basil pet to the whirlpool, Transmogrification Temple or using a potion, enchanted plushie, or essence. This pet has only one eye, its left being sewn shut. On its tail, a bandage is wrapped around it near the tip. When it was redrawn on 25th January 2017, the split in its right ear was removed. 

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Basil (No. 58)

Official Description: Basils lurk in the sewers but occasionally creep up into marada looking for exotic cheese.


  • The name 'Basil' originates from a commonly used spice, however it is unknown if its name was inspired by the spice or has any relevance to the pet itself.
  • For very few colors, the Basil population is shown in negative amounts.

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