Marapets Description: You can use this ATM to access your bank account. Please note that local charges apply for use of this ATM. You can deposit MP free of charge, but those who wish to withdraw MP have to pay 50MP every time they withdraw. That means that if you withdraw 100MP, you will only be given 50MP.

To prevent fraud, you must enter your PIN. This is your personal identification number that you assigned at the Bank. If you don't have a PIN Number yet, you will need to go to the Bank in the City. This ATM is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You cannot withdraw or deposit any Marapoints unless you type in your correct Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you haven't got a PIN or you have forgotten it, you will have to go to the Maradan Bank to change it.

Additional Comment: If you forget your PIN number, don't worry. Wait until the Bank is open, where you will be able to look it up or change it.




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