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Marapets Description: The Advent Tree works through the month of December every year. You need to complete all 16 pieces of the Advent Tree Instructions to unlock this feature. Every year, in late December, new prizes are released here for you to claim. You should check the News in December to find out when they are released. There is one set of prizes for each year, but you will receive new prizes every year and the previous year's prizes will retire.
You visit use the Advent Tree for FREE once per year.

Additional Comments: The Advent Calendar is different to the Advent Tree. It is still FREE and available to everyone!
Link: http://www.marapets.com/adventtree.php

Advent Tree: introduced on 29th November 2009

Advent Tree Prizes


AdventTree2011Prizes.png AdventTree2012Prizes.png AdventTree2013Prizes.png AdventTree2014Prizes.png AdventTree2015Prizes.png AdventTree2016Prizes.png AdventTree2017Prizes.png AdventTree2018Prizes.png AdventTree2019Prizes.png

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Adventtree av.gif

You get this from completing the Advent Tree Instructions and then visiting the Advent Tree in Biala.

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