The retired Anime Costume is from the May 2009 (along with the Sparkle Costume) and July 2017 Account Upgrades Sets. Putting this on certain marapets will make them a Japanese cartoon character! Anime pets are more detailed versions of their regular counterparts, inspired by existing anime characters.

Rarity 25


Anime Pets


Have you ever wondered where the magical creatures of Marada come from? Perhaps you've even thought that a few of them look familiar, but you just can't place from where. Search no more! Below we've assembled all of the Anime pets in Marada and unveiled their secrets. Curious about other pets? Check out our pages on Underwater, Simerian and Cartoon pets!
  • Bolimo: Shiba Inu (a possible reference to Hachiko)
  • Chibs: Diana from Sailor Moon
  • Fasoro: Kitsune
  • Gobble: Chocobo from the Final Fantasy franchise
  • Jessup: Girafarig from Pokemon
  • Kaala: Nekomata (or Kirara or something)
  • Kujo: Hamtaro
  • Nino: Emolga
  • Poera: Its coloration should remind you of Arbok and the fire mark is that of Orochimaru's curse.
  • Raulf: Amaterasu from Okami
  • Tasi: Happy from Fairy Tail or Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon
  • Vixen: Kirin
  • Willa: Resembles the animal companion in anime and anime-style video games

Anime Items

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