Ant Hill


Ant Hill: Released on 23rd August 2011; Revamped on 6th June 2020

Marapets Description: A giant Ant Hill suddenly appeared in Gigantic Paradise one day. It has long been known that ants live in huge colonies under the soils of Marada, with the biggest, deadliest ants living under Gigantic Paradise. They have lots of valuable prizes stored deep under the ground. As the Yeti family continued to Mine Marada of its oil, these ants and their prizes were forced closer to the surface. Are you brave enough to grab one of these items?

You can visit the Ant Hill for FREE once per day.

Additional Comments: Seven of these ants have been caught and domesticated as Bug Minipets. You are now guaranteed a prize at each visit. You can still win an Injured Costume, Damaged, and the other prizes from the Ant Hill but there are also 45 new prizes to be won - including 30 new Injured Plushies! You will get an avatar if you win any item!

Link: https://www.marapets.com/ants.php


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