Apprentice Wizard


Marapets Description: Queen Eleka, the self-proclaimed leader of all that is dark and evil in Marada, is finally opening her secret Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry to the public. With so many Apprentice Wizards in Marada, now is the time to for wand practice. As the ghosts approach, draw the symbols above each of them to attack.

Earn 2MP per 1 Point. Earn up to the maximum of 2,000MP each play. Here is the Prize List.

Additional Comments: Apprentice Wizard is the 19th Arcade Game since it was released on 28th May 2020.

High Score Rewards

Win one of these rewards each time you send these scores in Game Name




Level 1

Score 25 or more

Fairy Flight Cupcake

Level 2

Score 50 or more

Green Doughnut Plushie

Level 3

Score 60 or more

Doughnut Tambourine

Level 4

Score 70 or more

Fairy Flight Game

Level 5

Score 80 or more

Orange Doughnut Plushie

Level 6

Score 90 or more

Fairy Flight Potato Chips

Level 7

Score 100 or more

Pink Doughnut Plushie

Level 8

Score 110 or more

1 Level Stat for a random pet

Level 9

Score 120 or more

Fairy Flight

Level 10

Score 130 or more

1 Charisma Stat for a random pet

Level 11

Score 140 or more

Purple Doughnut Plushie

Level 12

Score 150 or more

1 Magic Stat for a random pet

Level 13

Score 160 or more

Fairy Flight Flakes

Level 14

Score 170 or more

1 Health Stat for a random pet

Level 15

Score 180 or more

Sweet Apron

Level 16

Score 190 or more

1 Strength, Defence or Speed Stat for a random pet

Level 17

Score 200 or more

1 Coordination, Stamina or Balance Stat for a random pet

Level 18

Score 225 or more

Fairy Flight Glowing Egg

Level 19

Score 250 or more


Yakubi Attack


Marapets Description: Yakubi Attack is an Arcade Flash Game on Marapets.

Instructions: Yakubies are attacking the city of Ziranek in their rockets. Stop them by pressing the letter keys on your keyboard for each letter that is indicated on the rocket each Yakubi is flying. You also have nuclear bombs to wipe out every Yakubi on the screen.

MP Ratio: 1MP per 50 points scored


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