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Aquarium: Released 26th August 2006

Marapets Description: The Aquarium was built to bring tourists to Jenoa to look at exotic fish minipets that are rarely found. The University also uses the Aquarium regularly for marine research and in return, free scholarships are being offered to every visitor that manages to feed a fish. The fish minipets below can only eat worms. These worms can only come from the fertile soils of Gigantic Paradise. Whenever these fish are hungry, it will say underneath the fish what worm they would like to eat. If you are quick enough to feed the fish, you will be rewarded.

Additional Comments: (c. 12 August 2014) The Aquarium in Jenoa has been redrawn. All previous Fish Minipets have also been revamped. You can find Glowworms at the Ice Caves in Biala Mountain.


Fish Minipets

Can You Feed These Minipets?

A new feeding session starts every 25 minutes. You can only feed one fish per session

Other related things to Aquarium

Avatar and Giftbox


You get this from feeding a fish minipet at the Aquarium.


You get this from completing at least 100 Aquarium quests.


You get this from completing 100 or more Aquarium Quests.

Schol gb.png

Use this item and you will earn twice as many Scholarships from the Aquarium for life.

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