Pronunciation: Ah-rin-yah
Pet Kind or Species: Kangaroo
Date Introduced: 7th February 2009
Description: The Arinya is a Limited Edition kangaroo pet that is earned via the Penitentiary Mission in Vortex Park. It shares the defining features of its real-life counterpart, namely the long feet, short arms, and fuzzy ears. It also stands out as it has an extremely long mane that extends from its head to the very tip of its tail. It was revamped on 29th January 2017, making its aforementioned defining features more well-defined.

Official Description: Arinya are known for their jumping skills. It's said they have long jump competitions over bamboo poles in the depths of the jungle.

Trivia: The normal Arinya more or less resemble boomers, male kangaroos. The Doll and Autumn Arinya are flyers, female kangaroos.

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Arinya (No. 51)


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