Marapets Description: Your character cannot carry around too many items when exploring Marada, so instead most items should be stored in the Attic. All items here are safe from random events. You can store an unlimited amount of items here and they will be automatically organised for you.

Additional Comments: Your attic can sometimes break, restricting your access unless you have the proper tools to fix it. This is most common in storms.




Marapets Description: This is your Tool Box, where you can safely keep your garden tools and your hand tools that you need for the next time your home breaks down. When your house breaks, you are blocked from accessing your Attic. Therefore tools are needed to fix the problem.

Additional Comments: First, you must buy tools from the Tools Shop to put into the Tool Box.


Tools Shopkeeper

Attic Needs

When your attic breaks, you won't be able to access it! So to make sure when you need to fix something, tend to it as soon as possible. This list will help you with the tools you will need to fix your attic:


This tool will remove overgrown trees around your home.


Use this tool to fix any frames that have fallen down on your house.


Use this tool to help you get minipets down from the roof of your house.


Use these pliers to tighten the pipes in your plumbing.


This plunger will help you clear blocked toilets.


This tool will help you rake off the leaves in your yard.


Use this saw to cut up any trees that fall on your house.


Use this screwdriver to tighten loose screws on the doors of your house.


This shovel will help you dig up and replant bushes in your garden.

Sledge Hammer

This sledgehammer will help you fix your home's broken sidewalk.


Use this spanner to fix the plumbing of your flooded abode.

Tape Measure

This tool will help you measure the size of your rooms and repair them.


This tool will help you plaster the broken walls in your home.

Other related things to Attic

Avatar and Giftbox


You get this from using the wrong tool to fix your home or use any tool on your home when it is not broken.


You get this from having 150 different types of ice cream in your Attic, then viewing Ice Cream page of your Attic.


You get this from having 10 Cola Marapops in your attic and the view your attic.


You get this from viewing your Attic when you have more then 100 pages of items.


You get this from viewing your attic when you have over 200 pages of items.

Attic Giftbox

Use this item and you complete quests faster with items stored in your Attic forever.

Price Order Giftbox

Use this item and you will be able to sort your Attic items and your missing collection lists by price on the Shop Search. As of 13th September 2020, you can also view all of the items in your Attic that are currently wanted by other players at the Wanted Ads. It will show the maximum price a player is offering for the item there and your items will be sorted in price order.

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