Auction House


Official Description: Items are sold at auction to the highest MP bidder. Some auction lots will only allow bids from their Friends or members of their Club. You can auction any of your items from your Inventory.

The Enpiah Alien lists a new item for auction every 10 minutes for only 1MP.

Strike: If you bid on an item but don't have the Marapoints for it in time, you will receive an Auction Strike. Should you receive 3 of them, you will be fined 50,000MP.

More information: Another note worth mentioning is that the Auction House had Pet Auctions as a trial for the ONLY way that you are able to sell your pet before getting discontinued eight years later on 22nd October 2020 since everyone should know that pets are to be cared for, not property. If you want to send someone a pet, use the Pet Exchange and Pet Lending features; if you want to trade your pet for another pet, continue to use the Pet Trades.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/auctions.php

Auctions Zoink

Enpiah Alien


Official Description: The Enpiah Alien puts up a new item for auction every 10 minutes. He randomly selects any item on the site and no matter what rarity or value, he lists the item for 1MP. If you are really lucky, you may catch a very rare or retired item.

Additional Comments: You can get an avatar for bidding on your first Alien Auction! You cannot subscribe to the Enpiah Alien! 

Halloween Alien Description: The Enpiah Alien was trick or treating in Undying Woods last night and was bitten! Until November 15th, the Halloween Alien has new items that he will put up for Auction for only 1MP. These items will retire at the end of the event. If you are really lucky, you may catch a very rare or retired Halloween item! You can win a maximum of one auction every 3 hours and whenever you win an item, any bids you have on any other Halloween Alien auctions are removed.

Link: https://www.marapets.com/alien.php

Enpiah Alien

Halloween Alien



This method is more for people who have some Marapoints on hand already to buy items with (doing dailies is the best way to earn these). Once you have some cash to play with, head over to the Auction House to see what is up for grabs. The main page will show you the next 25 lots which will be closing soon and you can refresh this page to update the list. Snipers lurk on this page and look for lots where the "Current Price" is lower than the usual price that item would sell for and then quickly make a last-minute bid to "snipe" these items for a cheap price. You will have to be quick though as these lots literally only have a few minutes left for users to place bids in before they close!

Once you have more experience with the site and have a better awareness of items and their approximate worth, you can use the Auction Search to search for specific items that are being auctioned cheaply. Occasionally you will find an expensive item with a current asking price below what it is worth, where the next increment would put the price above what anybody would be willing to pay for it. For example, you may happen across a Costume with a current asking price of 900,000 MP and a bid increment of 100,000 MP. If it was being sold in other auctions or in the Item Trades for 600,000 MP, then you can be fairly certain that if you place a bid; then nobody else is going to bid on it since they could easily find one for cheaper. Therefore you end up with a Costume you can then sell on for a 500,000 MP profit.

You can also get an avatar for sniping your first auction!



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