About the Azul

Pronounced: Ay-Ze-l
Pet Kind or Specie: Teddy bear
Date Introduced: Prehistoric
Description: The Azul is an adorable standard teddy bear pet. It is fairly famous for being shopkeepers in a couple of Maradan shops like Lowlyhood's Eye Make Up Shop and Enpiah's CDs Shop and in the games Football and Whack an Azul. It was redrawn twice: on 14th April 2011 and 9th January 2017.

Official Description: These little bears flew in from another galaxy after their homeworld ran out of honey.

Trivia: Azul Day was celebrated on February 5th, 2005 for its own update. Its name is also derived from Ian's trip to Portugal, hence the peculiar-at-first pronunciation. It's unknown what its antenna is for, but perhaps the reason it's there is because of the fact that this pet is part alien. This is amplified in its Clown form, in which it has three floating balls orbiting its head.

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Azul (No. ??)

Azuls around Marada

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