The New and Improved Bank of Marada: 22nd August 2012

The National Maradan Bank is located in the Capital City of Marada. Its main purpose it to allow users to store their MaraPoints under a protective environment. Interest rates vary depending on the current amount in the account and can be collected every 24 hours, however if transactions are made within either this bank or the ATM, they will restart. This is a safety feature imposed to stop people just using the bank to store money.

The bank's closing hours are every even hour throughout the day - when Baspinar's Castle is closed and the site layout is in darkness. During closing hours, you will have access to your bank account but only in Ziranek. Therefore you will have to withdraw your MP from your bank account at the ATM in Ziranek, where you will have to pay local charges.

During the great strike, the bank was affected and temporarily closed; however since it has now reopened and funtions normally.


The Ziranek ATM alternative used for when The Maradan Bank is Closed.