Pronunciation: Bay-sil
Pet Kind or Species: Rat
Date Introduced: 4th November 2009 (released 9th July 2010)
Description: The Basil is an LE rat marapet that can be earned via the Sewer Cleaner mission. This pet has only one eye, with its left being sewn shut. On its tail, a bandage is wrapped around it near the tip. When it was redrawn on 25th January 2017, the split in its right ear was removed.

Official Description: Basils lurk in the sewers but occasionally creep up into Marada looking for exotic cheese.

Trivia: The name 'Basil' originates from a commonly used spice, but could also be on loan from Basil of Baker Street from The Great Mouse Detective.

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Basil (No. 58)


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