Marapets Description: Fee-fi-fo-fum!

Did you just hear that? Rumour has it a giant Grint named Pinkie lives high above the skies of Gigantic Paradise. Plant a Magic Bean, that you can win from Extract Enpiah, here in the fertile soils and with patience, a giant Beanstalk will grow.

Every beanstalk is different in length. You can climb it, level by level, by completing random mission levels. Once you reach the top, Pinkie will allow you to buy only one item from his shop for MP before he destroys the beanstalk.

Additional Comments: This place is based around the classic Grimm fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. Items sold in Pinkie's shop include a revamped version of the Armoured Costume and the Ball of Gem Yarnhere is a full list of items currently available from here.



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Avatar and Offer


You get this from finishing all levels of the Beanstalk.


Level 47 or higher players will have their planted Magic Bean grow 50% faster than normal.

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