Marapets Description: Driving through Marada late one Halloween night Beelzebub "accidentally" ran over a few...okay, 27 Maradans. Once the police finally captured him, he was found guilty in court and was sentenced to 27 years of community service, served through the Halloween season.
As part of his community service, he appears online randomly throughout the month of October, playing forum games, tossing free stuff to people, heckling in the forums and causing Halloween chaos! You don't have to have a Halloween Costume for your character, just use your imagination and dress your character in some appropriate clothes and makeup to make yourself look appropriately spooky - just be creative!
Although this is mostly a forums-based event, there will also be prizes rewarded randomly to members who are online and have something spooky about their profile, so you may still win something even if you don't have forum access. Here is the Prize List.






Beelzebub is also a Battle Arena enemy. When you place his Trading Card on your battle deck you can go directly to the Battle Arena to battle him.

Beelzebub's Specifications:

  • Base Health: 10
  • Attacks: Trident & Hellhound

Beelzebub (Enemy)

Beelzebub's Trading Card can be bought from the Trading Cards Shop.
Click Here to Go Back to Battle Deck.

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You get this from viewing Beelzebub's profile when he's online.

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