Pronunciation: Bo-lim-oh
Pet Kind or Species: Spitz dog (specifically an Alaskan Malamute)
Date Introduced: Prehistoric
Description: The Bolimo is a standard Spitz pet that can be considered a natural ancestor to the Rusty. Unlike the real-life Spitz, however, Bolimos tend to roam around the Undying Woods. Examples include Tremble and the Grave Keeper. These dogs can also be costumed AnimeDark, ElfFunky, GoldLightLoveMummy, Seasonal, Snowman, and several others.

Revamp: It was very much a Siberian Husky until its revamp on 9th January 2017, giving it a curled tail, tufts, and long canine teeth, akin to a dire wolf.

Official Description: Bolimos are known for their haunting howl which can be heard over the Undying Woods in the dead of night.

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