Glitched Booster

Glitched Booster

A booster is like a vaccine for your pet. Rather than protect it from diseases, the booster has a more game-friendly effect: being increasing your pet's status. It can only be used once and the effects are permanent. These elusive items can be bought from the Boosters Shop in Minipet Island and won from Rewards and Goals. However, some can cost hundreds of thousands of marapoints.

Max Boosters

Booster starry

Max Coordination Booster

Max Boosters are on sale at the Account Upgrades Shop for 4 Account Upgrade Credit. They will raise your pet's status majorly.

Min Boosters


Min Magic Booster

Min Boosters (not to be confused with the Mini Booster) are randomly awarded after curing your pet at the hospital. These boosters will either gain your pet 1 stat or completely relieve them of their hunger, thirst, and boredom. They are extremely cheap compared to the others, going for 14,000 at least.

Time Boosters

Mar booster

March Booster

Time Boosters are only available from the Time Machine - one for each month. If you use a booster on the correct month (such as a June Booster in June) you will receive double stats!


  • You can get an avatar when you use a booster on your pet. It is random.
  • As of 2012, pets do not get any negative side-effects from boosters.
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