Main Quest


Official Description: North of Chocolate River, a Candy Tree was one day planted. As water is limited in Candyland it fed on chocolate and its fruits became candy. Since then it has grown bigger and bigger and requires more and more chocolates to survive. To get one of the tasty Candy Fruits from the tree you will need to hunt for some chocolates and candy. It is also rumoured that when certain chocolate quests are completed for the Candy Tree, a Chocolate Costume may be awarded!

Additional Comments: You may get a Chocolate Costume every hundred times. The previous Candy Fruit prizes are rarity 13 Gourmet Foods and there are 35 gourmet Gummy Body Parts you can also win from this quest. Here is the Prize List.
Average Reward: 6,000 MP

Average Profit: 20,000-250,000 MP

Average MP spent: 6,000-13,000 MP


The Candy Tree

Candy Tree's Valentine's Day Event


The Candy Tree is spreading the love this Valentine's Day! He has taken a break from his quests and is rewarding everyone who visits him. All pets can visit him every 30 minutes but any pet wearing a BabyLove, Cupid, Valentine, Red, Magenta, Pink or Coral Costume can visit every 15 minutes. All of these prizes will retire when this event ends February 28th.

Other related things to Candy Tree



You get this from completing 200 Candy Tree Quests.

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