The retired Cartoon Costume is from the Cartoon Account Upgrade Set from February 2014. Cartoon pets have pie eyes, gloves, bow-ties, a monochromatic color scheme, hose-like arms, and round tips instead of sharp ones. In reality, said characters often had white fills in their eyes, but these pets make do without them, opting for an early Disney feel. This costume has not received any new pets since it retired, so it is currently unknown when it will receive an update.

Trivia: The avatar references the bouncing of 1930's rubber hose animation and the costume itself is a reference to the theatrical cartoons from yesteryear. This style has made its rounds here and there (most often in Nickelodeon cartoons) but has really seen a resurgence in the independent games Bendy and the Ink Machine and Cuphead, which were both released after the Cartoon Costume.

Marapets Description: Put this costume on certain marapets and it will make it into an old cartoon.

Rarity 30



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Have you ever wondered where the cartoon creatures of Marada come from? Perhaps you've even thought that a few of them look familiar, but you just can't place from where. Search no more! Below we've assembled all of the Cartoon pets in Marada and unveiled the secrets of the flickering funnies. Curious about other pets? Check out our pages on Underwater and Anime pets! The pets that are marked "unknown" appear to be one of the generic Cartoon pets with a basic design. If you have knowledge of the artists' intent and can help us improve this page, please let us know!

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