Arcade Games are a replacement for the outdated Flash Games. These games can be played on any browser and on any device - including Mobile! Earn up to the maximum of 2,000MP along with 5 Score Points for each play (or 10 if you have the Arcade Giftbox), up to usually 3 times per day. You may also win a random bonus prize whenever you send score and there is a High Scores list to compete for the top score. Every time you send a score that is high enough, you will win one of these new item prizes or stats for your pets. You will only win one prize from the High Score Rewards each time you send a score high enough. These prizes are additional to any MP, Score Points or Bonus Prizes you may also win. You can click the 'High Score Rewards' link on both games to see which score you need for each prize. A Gamer Fairy will be released in the future rewarding you for the number of times you play and send score on these new games.

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