These ancient Temples are open for you to explore. They're very dangerous, so you can only send in one pet at a time and while the pet is inside the temple, you cannot trade or exchange the pet. Make sure you are prepared - the temples have many obstacles, 30-50 levels some say, but not many have made it all the way to the treasure deep inside! While inside the temple, your pet will notice many closed, locked doors which can only be opened by the hidden knowledge of valuable items like Keys, Hieroglyphics, and Runes.

At each level of the Temple, you will get a prize. It can be either items, currency, pet stats or Account Upgrade Credit. There is no time limit for completing the Temple, but you can only complete one level every 24 or 48 hours. If you manage to reach the end, you will get a boon like being able to add any missing Avatar to your collection, changing your pet to any species you want (no restricted), or even changing your pet any costume you want that is currently available for this pet! You can only ever complete these Temples once (twice with the right Giftbox).

Goal Games are themed after each virtual world in Marada. At every level you have a new goal to complete related to said world. Each level gets harder to complete but you will receive a prize for completing each level. Unlike quest and mission games, you have unlimited amount of time to complete each goal level and you can only complete them once. New levels will always be added to the Goals in each world. Prizes include rare items only available from goals, MP, BP, RP, Dukka Coins, Account Upgrade Credit and stats for your pets.

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