WinterNightSidebar.png MaraPets is a free virtual pet site with 21 fun-filled virtual worlds and dress up dolls. We are always creating and adding new content to the game. Thousands of kids, teens and adults visit us every month to play games, make friends, and take part in our active community events and contests. MaraPets allows each player to customise their own profile, create their own free website and dress up their own cartoon doll. Explore each world, filled with games, shops and activities as you train, educate, battle and look after your own Marapets. All of this happens within our virtual pet site themed game... for FREE! This page will try to help answer a lot of your pet-related questions, and we have attempted to list everything on the site that is pet-related - but there are tons more, so you will need to explore the site to find them all.

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