Missions are similar to Quests but with 30-50 levels, each harder than the next. Missions reward you for doing what you are told to do within the time limit. Missions are timed and you will fail if you do not complete it on time and will return back to level one. Staff will not reset any failed missions for items asked that are on the list. If you see an item on the list that you think the mission should not be asking for, please contact staff BEFORE you start the mission. Resets will only happen from now if there is downtime/server errors/glitches out of your control. Missions that ask for items in collections (i.e missions that do not take an item from you) can ask for *ANY* item - including retired items.

Missions that will take items away from you to pass the level should not ask for retired items. Several times a day a script will run to check how many of each item is on the Shop Search, Galleries, Trades, and active player accounts; when the quantity of this item gets low it is automatically removed from missions. This means that missions can now ask for goals items! Photos and Plates are NOT included and can still be asked for as normal.

Before you accept any mission level, there is now a link you can click 'items this level could ask for' that will list every possible item the level you are about to start could ask for. This a must for Blitzen!

You can complete a level of a mission once every 12 hours. If you have the Missions Giftbox you can complete a level every 6 hours, as long as it's a different mission. You can complete missions as many times as you like and completing them will give you a special prize, usually a Limited Edition Enchanted Plushie or Potion. The Peasant Fairy will also reward you for completing mission levels. There is also a Monthly Mission Contest to enter. For more information and a prize list for each mission, visit this Mission Guide.

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