In war, you need to now decide whether you will fight for good or evil! You can join either the Dark Side or the Light Side. There will lots of different events happening throughout the war, which are battle, restock and quests related and the team you choose will influence these events and your participation a lot - so you will need to think this through before your final decision! Points from each team are calculated as a percentage, taking into account the number of people on each team, so even if the majority of people go to one team, that does not mean they will definately win. 

Throughout the whole war, your participation will earn you War Points, which will help your team and you can also spend these while the war is on at the War Redemption Shop. Make sure you spend all the points you have before they become useless!

You can only pick one team and you CANNOT change teams; your decision is final. Throughout the whole war, you will need to keep checking the news, as there will be very regular news updates with lots of events happening for you to take part in and earn war points!

Plots are one-time events like wars but it often requires intricate puzzles to complete.

Events happen annually and are either the same from over the years or change up the formula once a year.

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