Charisma is a pet stat that helps your pet get jobsSlime Boy rewards each of your pets for increasing their charisma stats.

How to Get Charisma

You can get charisma via the following:

  1. School -  If your pet is lucky he/she will get charisma at the end of the course when his/her subject level is awarded. When you see the confirmation that he/she has gained a subject level, pay close attention to the TOP of the screen to see if he/she gained charisma along the way. 
  2. Murfin Madness - Chances of getting charisma out of this nasty ride are very slim. You have about a 1/10 chance of your pet gaining a level of charisma.
  3. Puchalla Inn -  It can ask for items from the Coffee Shop [1]Diner [2], and Health Tonics Shop [3], of which can be extremely costly. Gaining charisma is also random and most likely you won't get your money's worth.
  4. Guillotine - Take your pet here and have this "fairy" attempt to cut the head off your pet. If she fails and your pet survives, it will gain one charisma point. But be warned, if she is successful, your pet will be headless.
  5. Simerian Temples & Desert Pyramids - At level 13 of each temple and pyramid, your pet will gain at least 3 levels of charisma.
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