Charity Shop

Items from the Charity Shop in Puchalla Village:

Marapets Description: This old lady has been caring for poor pets all of her life, and now spends her days running her very own charity shop. She restocks her shop with new, entirely random items, which she sells for half their normal price! Be sure to check by and grab a bargain! All proceeds go to the charity she runs. You can View All Items on sale here and recent Price Changes.

Additional Comments: On 13th January 2020, poor old Gladys almost blew away in the rain trying to tell residents all about the changes at her shop. She now restocks much more items each restock and she can stock items that are up to Rarity 20 now instead of 10.
Out of Stock Description: I've sold everything! Come back later for more cut price bargains


World Puchalla Village
Currency Marapoints
Shop Keeper Gladys
Released 7th June 2007
Shop URL

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