Not to be confused with the Minipet Costume.

Costume chibi

Rarity 29


Fake Chibi Costume

The Chibi Costume is a retired costume that is a smaller Aqua Costume with a white swirl on it, a pink ribbon-like mist and yellow stars around it. It was a part of the Chibi Account Upgrade from June 2014. Putting this costume on certain marapets will make your pet become Chibi! 

The Chibi Costume is based on the Japanese slang word chibi (ちび or チビ), meaning someone or something that is shorter than all the others. It comes from the verb 禿びる (chibiru), which means "to wear out and become shorter," as shown with one of the Chibi Pet Potions to the right. The word has gained popularity among manga and anime fans.

You can see a Chibi Chibs creeping up from the treasure chest in the Account Upgrades image.

Chibi Quell Potion

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