About the Chibs

Pronunciation: Chibs
Pet Kind or Species: Cat
Date Introduced: December 2004
Description: The Chibs is a Limited Edition cat pet that has been obtainable through the site's Account Upgrades (such as the June 2006 Hobo, Fairy, May 2007 Toddler, April 2009 Easter, Midnight, June 2016 Scout, April 2019 Lava, October 2019 Witch, December 2020 Christmas, and June 2021 Super Hero sets) and, later, Enchanted Plushies from the Plushie Machine. The Chibs can wear 125+ costumes up to this point, making it the most popular (AU) Marapet.

Revamps: There was also an April Fool's Joke involving the Chibs getting revamped into the Chubs, a 'cuter' version of the pet in 2013. Another April Fool's Joke was made in 2017 with the Chibs receiving fangs and whiskers before the official revamp was released a day later, giving it a more-well rounded appearance, a nice demeanor, and a perspective from the side to match the other pets.

Trivia: Its name possibly comes from chibi, considering the fact that its minipet counterpart bears this name. If you check the Desert Chibs statistics, you will see that the Kamilah Chibs Plushie has not been changed to the new variant yet.

Official Description: Chibs all originate from Elger's pet cat and are particularly fond of shiny things.

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