Computer Repair Quest


Marapets Description: Repair computers at this computer shop quest in Ziranek. Computers are the future, and Ziranek has understood this for centuries. This computer geek works for hours, fixing and repairing computers for the many companies throughout Marada. He is one of the smartest mara pets, but with his busy schedule he sometimes runs out of computer parts he needs to finish a job. If you can help him by collecting him items, he will reward one of your pets with a very special Magic stat! I bet you didn't think computers could do that...

Additional Comments: Magic is what you'll need for healing in battle. This is perhaps the most useful way to heal your pet because wands can only do but so much, especially for super strong enemies. Buy computer parts for this quest in the Computer Parts Shop [1]. There is no random bonus stats gain from computer quests.



Computer Repair

Pets Selection

Choosing A Pet


You'll be asked to choose one pet to begin the quest. This is the pet who'll get 1 magic stats when done.

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