Marapets Description: The Costume Boutique sells costume items needed to change your pet to any of the Pet Colours available. Every day, a new costume is randomly selected from the Prize List to be sold here for that day only. Costumes sold here are in four different groups - Colour, Standard, Premium and Account Upgrades Costumes.

Every month, two different Account Upgrades Costumes are randomly selected and will be sold here, each for one random day of the month only, priced at £4 AU Credits. There will also be one randomly selected Premium Costume per month and four Standard Costumes per month. On days where these are not on sale here, a random Colour Costume will be on sale instead. These will also be sold at fixed prices of either Marapoints, Baspinar Points, or Restock Points shown on the Prize List.

Costumes Shop Obituary

News costumeshop3.png
Costumes Boutique
Additional information
World Biala Mountain
Currency Marapoints
Shop Keeper Feliz
Released 12th September 2020
Shop URL

Deleted Costumes

There are currently 10 costumes that no longer exist on the site:

  • Skinny, Costumes Shop - Pampered
  • Kamilah, July 2010 - Desert
  • Pilgrim, Nov 2009 - Doll
  • Geek, Sep 2008 - Fancy
  • Vortex, Jan 2009 - Tornado
  • Hero, Nov 2009 - Strobe
  • Puchalla, Bumpkin - Defective
  • Trailer, Penitentiary - Galaxy
  • Furry, Ublish - Dalmatian
  • Explorer, July 2008 - Safari
  • Spy, Oct 2010 - Evil Clown

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