Costumes are items on Marapets that you can use to change the style of your pet. They work similarly to Neopets Paintbrushes, except you do not need to go to a certain location to use them. They will give your pet the color or theme depending on what costume you use on it. For a list of what costumes each pet can wear, go to the pet colors page (on the rainbow in Gigantic Paradise), and click on the pet you want to check for costumes. At the bottom there is also a list of costumes, clicking on them will give you a list of pets who can wear them.

You can buy one from the Costumes Shop [1], but please be advised that it's frequented often by buyers, leaving the shop completely empty. When you manage to get a hold of one, click on it via your inventory [2], use it and click on the radio button under the pet you want to use the costume on. Account Upgrades are a great way to get your hands on new, creative costumes, but be sure to buy them before they retire. A new costume is released in AU at least once a year, provided that an old costume hadn't turned into a new one. If you don't see an AU here, please keep checking back (this is rare). The Operations Portal is another method of changing your pet's color, but sometimes it may receive a stat change instead or nothing will happen.

In addition to that there are other ways to change your pet's color. One of them is by using a Colour Concoction (Illegal Concoctions is also frequented by buyers, and on top of this, your pet may go to Prison if caught using them), and the other, which is more feasible, is using a potion... if you are lucky and fast enough!

Certain costumes will have pets to be in a certain pose, like in Account Upgrades or Missions. Costumes commonly found in the Costume Shop would have pets be in their standard pose; these pets are called base pose pets.

List of Costumes & where to get them

Deleted Costumes

There are currently 9 costumes that no longer exist on the site:

  • Skinny, Costumes Shop - Pampered
  • Kamilah, July 2010 - Desert
  • Pilgrim, Nov 2009 - Doll
  • Geek, Sep 2008 - Fancy
  • Vortex, Jan 2009 - Tornado
  • Hero, Nov 2009 - Strobe
  • Puchalla, Bumpkin - Defective
  • Trailer, Penitentiary - Galaxy
  • Furry, Ublish - Dalmatian
  • Explorer, July 2008 - Safari

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Costumes (clothing)

Costumes are full-body clothing that you can put on your character. If they don't cover your character's face as well there are masks that can do just that.

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