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Fake Bootleg Costume

The Bootleg Costume is being sold at the Pirate Ship, as it is based on bootlegging. Bootleg pets are messily drawn versions of their original counterparts. They seem like they would be drawn by a child with crayons. Predictably, it was going to be an April Fools' prank, but Ian ran out of time to make it happen.[1] On the opposite side of the spectrum, the retired Origami Costume originates from the November 2020 Account Upgrades; putting this on certain marapets will turn them into folded paper! Origami pets feel like they were from an arts and crafts project, with all their features appearing jagged and even the Xoi is a crumpled-up newspaper with googly eyes.

Trivia: The Xoi looks straight out of the kid-friendly manga-turned-anime Crayon Shin-chan.


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Crafty Pets


  • I am really shocked by how much I like these. Usually, I'd worry that something like this would come out looking too gimmicky, but it's not. Great work!
  • I'm not really a fan of costumes that make marapets seem more like objects and less like living things, but while these aren't my thing, they are very creative and interesting. The Xoi is creative. I love that the "paper" it was made of is lined as it came out of a notebook or something. And the Poera is extremely cute. I also adore the minipet with this set. And I love how the plushies and potions have been origami-fied.

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