About the Crrrikey!

Pronunciation: Cry-Key
Pet Kind or Specie: Crocodilian
Date Introduced: 26th July 2009; released 4th November 2009
Description: The Crikey is a crocodilian Limited Edition pet. It is available from completing Hospice's mission [1] at Minipet Island and known for its finance and business endeavors at the Stock Market and Freelance Agency. Also, this pet was revamped on 29th January 2017, giving it a more realistic build.

Official Description: Crikeys are excellent at fishing and are known to catch fish more than double their size in their strong jaws.

Trivia: Its name is derived from the Commonwealth interjection that was especially used by the late naturalist Steve Irwin, who is best known for the wildlife documentary TV series The Crocodile Hunter.

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Crikey (No. 57)

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