Controversial Crindol

Pronunciation: Crin-doll
Pet Kind or Specie: Dragon/Lion
Date Introduced: 2nd April 2007 Minipet Island War
Description: The Crindol is a standard pet that is a dragon/lion hybrid, no doubt about it. It is also perhaps one of the most controversial pets due to its history. In April 2007, an announcement stated that in an attempt to control the Muskit and Swondor populations, Queen Eleka and King Baspinar got the hots for each other and decided to get married several days before, which shocked most Maradans. It went as far as to state that Queen Eleka was pregnant with "the rarest of all the limited edition pets." On the next day, 2nd April, the Crindol was officially born as Princess Laimay III, but of course, it was revealed that it was all an April Fools' joke. Strangely enough, this has left users confused to this day about its bizarre occurrence. The Crindol is fairly famous and attractive, however, and most people are familiar with the Secret Santa, who is very generous.

Revamp: It was revamped on 10th January 2017, giving it a clearer definition and making its mane bigger.

Official Description: Crindols like to perch in high places and watch the world go by.

Trivia: It's very likely that the Crindol's name is based on Kristopher "Kris" Kringle, the original name of Santa Claus, especially because the Secret Santa is a Crindol.

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