Crossword: Relaunched on 14th April 2020

Official Description: How well do you know MaraPets? Follow the clues to solve the Crossword puzzle and you'll win 15,000MP. If you need help, you can press the 'Reveal Letter' and 'Reveal Word' icons but you will lose 150MP for each letter you do not solve yourself. The Crossword will end automatically once you solve every answer correctly. You can press the blue, 'Check Answers' button at any time and it will show you any wrong answers you have entered.

Solve a new Crossword for FREE each day. Win up to 12,500MP just for entering. You may also win a random bonus prize. Earn 5,000MP or more and you may be one of three daily winners of a Two Hundred And Fifty Dukka Coin. Here is the bonus Prize List.

Additional Comments: You may find it easier to print the page and complete it by hand first. You will get an avatar if you complete the Crossword! One of our oldest (and worst!) features has been relaunched. Like Word SearchCrossword has had the same 9 puzzles since July 2010, switching between each one every Thursday. These are gone! Our brand new Crossword has over 2,000 MaraPets related clues and words it can select from, automatically creating a different, new and unique puzzle game for you to play each time.


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