Marapets Description: Marapoints (MP) are mainly earned from playing games, chatting on the forums, completing quests, and randomly exploring the site. MP is the main currency of the site and gained from and required for almost everything on the site.

Additional Comments: Your main goal in the Marapets website is to make marapoints. You need Marapoints to be able to buy stuff in the shops, to buy costumes for your pets, and to buy things off trades and auctions. To earn them, try playing games, doing Quests and Missions, selling items in your shop (also known as Restocking), and selling items in trades or auctions. Marapoints were introduced when the site opened although they were being used in Maraqua as early as December 2003.


Mp (1).png


Baspinar Points

Marapets Description: Baspinar Points (BP) are mainly earned from winning battles with your virtual pets. Named after King Baspinar, BP is the official currency of the virtual world of Baspinar's Castle and can be spent there.

Additional Comments: These are also known as battle points. You can also get these from Tombola. Current places that accept this currency are: Princess Rapunzel - Glasses Shop - Sword in the Stone - Mummy Dolls Shop - News Stand - Magazine Stand - Factory Outlet - Potato Chips Shop - Health Tonics Shop - Sewer Struggle

Baspinar Points

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Restock Points

Marapets Description: Restock Points (RP) are mainly earned from buying items from most of the shops in the many worlds in Marada. The amount of RP you get will depend on how rare the item you buy is. (Level 25 or higher players earn double RP with each purchase.) RP is the official currency of the virtual world of Eleka's Castle and can be spent there.

Additional Comments: You can also get these through Leprechaun quests, the Eleka Tombola, and Eleka Prison. Current places accepting this currency are: Treasure Maps Shop - Poison Shop - Witch Doctor - Eleka Fountain - Cooking Ingredients Shop - Kwazikujo - Extract Enpiah

Restock Points

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Dukka Coins

Marapets Description: Dukka Coins are the main currency of Dukka Town, Dukka Caves, and the Pirate Ship. When buying with Dukka Coins, shops only accept the exact coin for the item you buy. Dukka Coins may be obtained from Dukka Dash, Archeology, Millionaire's Lodge, Account Upgrades Shop, and periodically in Random Events. You can use the Dukka Coin Exchange without any limitations.

Additional Comments: Both Dukka Coins and Fake Dukka Coins are based on the ducats and doubloons that were buried by pirates. These can be added to your pet's toy collection but cannot be deleted. The Shineh avatar is rewarded once when you exchange a Dukka Coin.

Dukka Coins




Fake Dukka Coins

Marapets Description: Fake Dukka Coins are like the Codestone Plushies from Neopets, only more useful (although Dukka Coin Plushies exist). They are mainly won from the Dukka Dash game and used for the Beast in the Woods mission, Pipe Dream game, and Fake Pirate Ship. You can use the Fake Dukka Coin Exchange without any limitations.

Additional Comments: Fake Dukka Coins are based on bootleg items pirated by people in real life. Both these and Dukka Coins can be added to your pet's toy collection but cannot be deleted. You can get an avatar for withdrawing a Fake Five Thousand Dukka Coin, or higher.

Fake Dukka Coins



Account Upgrade Credit

Marapets Description: Account Upgrade Credit is the currency of Account Upgrades (including the AU Shop and Giftbox Shop). You can get them from the Monthly Checklist, Goals, Temples, some Events, PyramidsReferral Systemcertain Olympic CompetitionsBingo gamesCurrency Exchange, and by paying for them with REAL MONEY via PayPal.

Account Upgrade Credit



Memory Points

Marapets Description: Memory Points are the main currency for the Memory Shop in Ziranek. You earn 1 Memory Point for every item you delete with Move Items and 10 for every Memory Card. Level 50 or higher players earn double Memory Points.

Additional Comments: As previously mentioned, Dukka/Fake Dukka Coins cannot be deleted. If want to be rid of them make sure to either exchange or donate them.

Memory Points


Olympic Points

Marapets Description: Olympic Points are a form of currency that can be spent at the Olympics Shop and Boosters Shop. You can earn Olympic Points via winning the Olympics and as a consolation prize at the Lush Tombola.

Olympic Points

Olympicpts (1).png


Quest Shop Points

Marapets Description: Quest Shop Points are an optional currency that can be earned exclusively through completing the required quests.

Additional Comments: The following quests that have shops are currently Desert Spy and Slater Stalker.

Spy Points

Stalker Points


Referral Points

Marapets Description: Referral Points are an optional currency that can be earned exclusively through the Referral System.

Additional Comments: This currency is only accepted at the Referral Shop.

Referral Points


Recycle Points

Marapets Description: Recycle Points are a form of currency that can be spent at the Recycling Centre. Use any Trash item in your Inventory to increase your balance.

Level 70 or higher players earn 2 Recycle Points per item.

Recycle Points


Score Points

Marapets Description: Score Points are an optional currency. As a new player, you earn MP playing Games for your first 30 days. After 30 days you will start earning Score Points that can be spent in the Games Shop and Video Games Shop. Each of these games will also reward you with 1 Score Point or 2 Score Points if you have the Arcade Giftbox.

Additional Comments:

  • Bingo rewards you once per game, no matter how many tickets you purchase.
  • Scratchcards reward you each time you buy a Scratchcard and not when you scratch it.
  • Keno rewards you if you match 8 or more numbers.
  • The Lottery rewards you for every ticket you purchase.
  • The Stock Market rewards you every time you buy new Shares.
  • Raffle rewards you for every ticket you purchase.
  • Rummy rewards you every time you win.
  • Plushie Machines rewards you every time you pick up a Plushie or Enchanted Plushie.

Score Points


War Points

Marapets Description: War Points are a redeemable currency. Players earn War Points from restocking, questing, and battling during a war. Afterward, they spend these points at the War Shop, which only sells items during a war. To even things out, your points go along with them if you forget to spend them when it all ends. Queen Eleka seems to be making a comeback...

War Shop

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