Pronunciation: Daisy
Pet Kind or Specie: Bovine
Date Introduced: 19th July 2007
Description: Daisy is a bovine pet that used to come from the Undying Festival, a biennial event in classic Marapets. Although it was considered easy to get a Daisy through the festival, and everyone believed it to be the most circulated LE marapet, the Festival was canceled in 2012, making the Daisy a bit rarer. The pet returned for the final Undying Festival in October 2016 and was promoted to be restricted. Now it can be obtained from Account Upgrades, being released in November 2019 for the new Enpiah Set.

Revamp: It occurred on 15th October 2012, while the Undying Festival was canceled. This fixed the Daisy's legs and tail so they would remain consistent with its design.

Official Description: The Daisy produces a special type of brown milk ideal for the most delectable Easter eggs!

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