Fake Desert Costume

The Desert Costume is a retired costume that is a sarcophagus, a stone coffin of which mummies are stored. It replaced the Kamilah Costume in May 2016, which was first released in July 2010 in Account Upgrades. Putting this costume on certain marapets will make it a Kamil citizen, especially with their gold jewelry, staff, bandages, and eyelashes.

Desert Pets

Desert Pet Inspirations

Kamilah Desert is based on the Middle East, especially Egypt. As such, Desert pets have appearances rooted in the Egyptian culture, particularly the religion of ancient Egypt.

  • Bolimo - Set
  • Chibs - Egyptian Mau
  • Grint & Hump - Pyramids
  • Newth - Horus
  • Rusty - Anubis
  • Vixen - Scarab Jewel


Desert Avatar with a Quell and Pyramid

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