Doctor Job


Doctor Job

From Marapets Jobs: "Are you looking for work? We can help you find the right kind of job for each of your mara pets, full time or part time, temporary or permanent. Below are all of the jobs that your pet can apply for. Each job has its own qualifactions needed, with additional qualifications also needed later for promotion, which in turn will pay a higher income. All wages are paid once a day per pet.

If for any reason your pet is regularly sick or neglected, its performance at work is low. Please remember that low performance will lose your pet its job. New jobs are added regularly, so if there is not a job to suit your pet, come back later."

Job Perks at level 20: All of your pets will have FREE Hospital treatments permanently when your pet is promoted to Level 20 Doctor

Marapedia's Comments: Your pet will need at least some experience in the School to qualify for the Doctor job.

Requirements and Salary

Level 1

Earning 400MP


Defence:5 Health:1 Charisma:1 Language:5 Maths:5 Science:10 CDs:2 DVDs:1 Books:5

Level 2

Earning 450MP


Defence:10 Health:3 Charisma:2 Language:10 Maths:10 Science:20 CDs:4 DVDs:2 Books:10

Level 3

Earning 500MP


Defence:15 Health:5 Charisma:3 Language:15 Maths:15 Science:30 CDs:6 DVDs:3 Books:15

Level 4

Earning 550MP


Defence:20 Health:10 Charisma:4 Language:20 Maths:20 Science:40 CDs:8 DVDs:4 Books:20

Level 5

Earning 600MP


Defence:25 Health:15 Charisma:5 Language:25 Maths:25 Science:50 CDs:10 DVDs:5 Books:25

Level 6

Earning 675MP


Defence:30 Health:20 Charisma:7 Language:30 Maths:30 Science:60 CDs:12 DVDs:6 Books:30 Stamina:10 Coordination:5 Environmental Studies:1 Humanities:1 Computer Science:1 Molecular Science:1

Level 7

Earning 750MP


Defence:35 Health:25 Charisma:10 Language:35 Maths:35 Science:70 CDs:14 DVDs:7 Books:35 Stamina:20 Coordination:10 Environmental Studies:2 Humanities:2 Computer Science:2 Molecular Science:2

Level 8

Earning 825MP


Defence:40 Health:30 Charisma:13 Language:40 Maths:40 Science:80 CDs:16 DVDs:8 Books:40 Stamina:30 Coordination:15 Environmental Studies:3 Humanities:3 Computer Science:3 Molecular Science:3

Level 9

Earning 900MP


Defence:45 Health:35 Charisma:15 Language:45 Maths:45 Science:90 CDs:18 DVDs:9 Books:45 Stamina:40 Coordination:20 Environmental Studies:5 Humanities:4 Computer Science:4 Molecular Science:5

Level 10

Earning 1,025MP


Defence:50 Health:40 Charisma:17 Language:50 Maths:50 Science:100 CDs:20 DVDs:10 Books:50 Stamina:50 Coordination:25 Environmental Studies:10 Humanities:5 Computer Science:6 Molecular Science:10

Level 11

Earning 2,025MP


Defence:60 Health:50 Charisma:20 Language:55 Maths:60 Science:110 CDs:22 DVDs:12 Books:55 Stamina:60 Coordination:30 Environmental Studies:15 Humanities:6 Computer Science:8 Molecular Science:15

Level 12

Earning 3,500MP


Defence:70 Health:60 Charisma:25 Language:60 Maths:70 Science:120 CDs:24 DVDs:14 Books:60 Stamina:70 Coordination:35 Environmental Studies:20 Humanities:7 Computer Science:10 Molecular Science:20

Level 13

Earning 5,000MP


Defence:80 Health:70 Charisma:30 Language:65 Maths:80 Science:130 CDs:26 DVDs:16 Books:65 Stamina:80 Coordination:40 Environmental Studies:25 Humanities:8 Computer Science:11 Molecular Science:25

Level 14

Earning 7,000MP


Defence:90 Health:80 Charisma:35 Language:70 Maths:90 Science:140 CDs:28 DVDs:18 Books:70 Stamina:90 Coordination:45 Environmental Studies:30 Humanities:9 Computer Science:13 Molecular Science:30

Level 15

Earning 9,250MP


Defence:100 Health:90 Charisma:40 Language:75 Maths:100 Science:150 CDs:30 DVDs:20 Books:75 Stamina:100 Coordination:50 Environmental Studies:35 Humanities:10 Computer Science:15 Molecular Science:35

Level 16

Earning 10,100MP


Defence:110 Health:100 Charisma:45 Language:80 Maths:110 Science:155 CDs:40 DVDs:25 Books:80 Stamina:110 Coordination:55 Environmental Studies:36 Humanities:12 Computer Science:18 Molecular Science:37

Level 17

Earning 10,950MP


Defence:120 Health:110 Charisma:50 Language:85 Maths:120 Science:160 CDs:50 DVDs:30 Books:85 Stamina:120 Coordination:60 Environmental Studies:38 Humanities:14 Computer Science:20 Molecular Science:39

Level 18

Earning 11,450MP


Defence:130 Health:120 Charisma:55 Language:90 Maths:130 Science:165 CDs:60 DVDs:40 Books:90 Stamina:130 Coordination:65 Environmental Studies:40 Humanities:16 Computer Science:23 Molecular Science:41

Level 19

Earning 12,750MP


Defence:140 Health:130 Charisma:60 Language:95 Maths:140 Science:170 CDs:70 DVDs:50 Books:100 Stamina:140 Coordination:70 Environmental Studies:42 Humanities:18 Computer Science:26 Molecular Science:43

Level 20

Earning 13,300MP


Defence:150 Health:140 Charisma:65 Language:100 Maths:150 Science:175 CDs:80 DVDs:60 Books:110 Stamina:150 Coordination:75 Environmental Studies:44 Humanities:20 Computer Science:30 Molecular Science:45

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