Marapets Description: Play a Dominoes match against Booth, Sleuth and Ruth the Newths. Dominoes are played in a chain on the table, with each tile connected with matching ends. Each player must play one of their tiles on their turn or they hit an iceberg. The game ends whenever a player places their last domino on the table. The winner will score the combined value of their opponent's unplayed dominoes. The first player to reach 100 or more points will win.

These Newths have been in living in Biala Mountain for hundreds of years and have never missed a day of the Advent Calendar. Each day they will pick a random retired item from the past Prize List and will each give two of them away.

Win a Dominoes match against the Newths for 4,000MP and two entries to their daily raffle. Lose a match and you'll win 400MP and one entry. You could be one of six daily winners of Greatest Hits by Syn D, the prize selected for Dominoes' release date. Raffle prize changes daily at 00:00MST.

You can play Dominoes for FREE once every 8 hours.

Additional Comments: Dominoes is the fifth Puzzle Game since it was released on 24th April 2020.




Marapets Description: Domino was a Puzzle Flash Game on Marapets.

Instructions: "Match the numbers on the tiles to win the game but plan ahead! Matching three tiles will remove them. You move on to the next level when you remove all colored tiles. If you run out of tiles before you finish the level, the game will end."

MP Ratio: 1MP per point scored


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