Pronunciation: Doy-all
Pet Kind or Specie: Meerkat/Dalmatian
Date Introduced: Prehistoric
Description: The Doyle is a standard Dalmatian-like pet. It uses its two tails to fan itself when hot, and is generally goofy and good-natured. It was first revamped on 29th August 2005, again on 7th November 2012, and finally on 14th January 2017, giving it more of a a meerkat-like appearance with bigger tails and a cheeky facial expression. There are 4 DNA Minipets (Choyle, Doxen, Doyow, and Doyzul) that can be cloned with this pet.

Marapets Description: These pets are known for their double tails which they flap frantically in hot weather to keep cool.

Trivia: Its name is derived from the word dual, meaning double, referencing the Doyle's two tails.

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Doyle (No. ??)

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