Duck or Dive



Duck or Dive

Marapets Description: Heckles the Clown lives in Slater Park and loves all ducks. He has 19 ducks in his duck pond, each with an MP amount written underneath them of between 1MP and 25,000MP. You may occasionally find special ducks in his pond - even the Quack Mafia are known to hide from the police here! Find the jackpot duck and you'll win the MP Jackpot.

Heckles will randomly pick one of his ducks and shuffle his other 18. Every 5 picks you will be given an MP offer. You can then either keep picking ducks (Duck) or accept Heckles' offer (Dive). If you think Heckles' Duck has the highest MP you should 'Duck, Duck, Duck!'

You can play Duck or Dive for FREE once per day. Here is the Prize List.

Additional Comments: You will get an avatar if you 'Duck, Duck, Duck!'



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Mara Community has a Duck or Dive Automator at their site, included in a program entitled MaraMagus.

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