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Marapets Description: Piracy is becoming a serious problem in Marada. Trade between all of the Maradan worlds has been increasing and attacks on trade ships is becoming a daily occurance. Piracy has always been a threat to international trade in Marada, but with the recent developments in Dukka Town and Dukka Caves, the Dukka Pirates are making huge profits from reselling their stolen loot.
Earning Dukka Piracy Points:

Battling: Earn ONE THIRD as many Dukka Points as BP for battling.
Restocking: Earn as many Dukka Points as RP (based on rarity of item).

A big event is about to start in Marada. The Dukka Pirates will have their stolen loot on sale for Dukka Points, a new currency that will be used throughout this event. You will earn points over the 5-6 weeks of this Summer Event from Games, Quests, Gym, Elite Gym, Restocking and Battling. All items on sale will only be avaliable from this event and will retire once its over, or randomly throughout the event. There will be lots of new items added, everytime the Pirates hijack another Maradan ship. There will be limited stock of these items too.

From The News: The Piracy Event has finally started! We are really sorry for the delay, but its going ahead as planned and will last for the next 6 weeks, ending in time for our Halloween Events! You can earn Dukka Points from restocking and battling only. There will be more ways to earn points later in the event!! You can spend your Dukka Points over the next few weeks at the Pirate Bay in Dukka Town. New and rare items will be on sale here and this will be the only place you can get them from! Once the event is over, they will all retire and these items are limited, so buy them as quick as you can! There will be new items added throughout the whole event - even a Limited Edition Pet you will only be able to get the potions for from this event!!! The Undying Festival has been cancelled this year but we will still be celebrating our 5th Birthday, which was last month, a little later than intended.

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