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Marapets Description: Hidden deep inside Dukka Caves away from prying eyes (and the Maradan police!) is Dukka Town, an illegal pirate town. As it operates outside of the Maradan economy the traders here use their own currency - Dukka Coins.

Additional Comments: Dukka Town is one of the first worlds of Marada. Likewise, the Dukka Coin is also one of the oldest currencies in the site. The name "Dukka" is based on the ducat coin due to the fact that pirates buried these European coins from the later middle ages until the 20th century. Also, being a pirate world, Dukka Town is home to casino games, even some that were jacked from other worlds.

Points of interest:

Link: http://www.marapets.com/town.php

Dukka Town

Old Dukka Town Maps

Outdated Map 1 Map 2
Dukkatown numbered.jpg

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