Easter Egg Hunt


Marapets Description: The Easter Egg Hunt is an annual event that starts around Easter Sunday. We've scrambled to hide 40 new gourmet Easter Eggs around the site. You eggs-plorers should whisk together to solve our cracking clues. The first one is released in the news and every time you find an egg, it is added to your Easter basket. Don't worry if you miss the clue, it is also shown on the page below. Omelette you all have two of each egg and prize this year. And eggs-tra MP with each clue you solve. Poach all 40 eggs and you'll also win Account Upgrade Credit! All clues egg-spire June 30th.

Additional Comments: There are 2 IMPORTANT RULES you can't egg-nore!

  1. You cannot list answers or give out answers on the Forums, Blogs, MaraTalk or Clubs Boards, ONLY via Maramail or private MaraTalk. Anyone caught will be banned from taking part, will have their prizes taken away from them and will be fined up to 100,000MP.
  2. Using family and friends' accounts to gain Easter Egg Hunt items is also against the rules. That's all yolks!



Easter Bunny's Easter Basket


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Avatars From the Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Avatars:

Easter - RETIRED Available only Easter 2005.

Easter07 - RETIRED Complete Easter Egg Hunt 2007.

Easter08 - RETIRED Complete Easter Egg Hunt 2008.

Egghunt09 - RETIRED Complete the Easter Egg Hunt 2009.

Egghunt2012 - RETIRED Complete the Easter Egg Hunt 2012.

Egghunt2013 - RETIRED Complete the Easter Egg Hunt 2013.

Happyeaster14 - RETIRED Acquired from completing the 2014 Easter Egg Hunt.

Byebyebunny - Feed Easter Bunny Stew to your pet.

Easter15-av - RETIRED Acquired from completing the 2015 Easter Egg Hunt.

Egghunt2016 - RETIRED Acquired by completing the 2016 Easter Egg Hunt.

Egghunt2017 - RETIRED Complete the 2017 Easter Egg Hunt and collect your Eggs.

Happyeaster2018 - Let your pet play with Bunny Jack in the Box until it breaks.

Easter2019 - RETIRED Collect your Easter Eggs from your Easter Basket after completing the 2019 Easter Egg Hunt.

Allears - View your pet's DVD list when it has watched All Ears.

Beanthere - Feed any Bunny Jelly Bean to your pet.

Earrelevant - Wear the Bunny Beanie on your character.

Hoppyfeet - Feed Sindi Foot to your pet.

Blossom - Wear Spring Branches.

Easter2020 - LIMITED EDITION Collect your Easter Eggs from your Easter Basket after completing the 2020 Easter Egg Hunt.

Hopchocolate - Feed Melted Milk Chocolate Bunny to your pet.

Hoppinboots - Put Bunny Boots on your character.

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