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Marapets Description: Scrooge used to live in the City of Marada running his own MP lending business. He was a cold-hearted, greedy person who despised Christmas. One night he was visited by a ghost from Undying Woods warning him of his fate if he continued hoarding his wealth and exploiting the poor of Marada. He now lives in Biala Mountain - where everyday is Christmas - and gives away his wealth to the Pot of Gold at random throughout the year.

You can pick up any item Scrooge donates to the Pot of Gold once every 2 hours. The most recent items that players have won from Scrooge are shown below. He donates items at random throughout the day all year round. If you are really lucky, you may even find a retired item!



Ebenezer Scrooge


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You get this from picking up any item from Pot of Gold that was donated by Scrooge.

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