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Description: The Eleka Minions are Battle Arena enemies comprised of a Dark Fasoro and Tantua. They should not be taken lightly, for they are thought to be the murderers of King Baspinar XII. When King Baspinar XII went missing on the Minipet Island War of 2007; these guys were accused almost immediately. We are not so sure because these guys have claws and teeth, but the pieces of King Baspinar XII appeared to be carefully sliced before being tossed in the Maradan River. I guess we will never know the real truth, but until the truth comes to surface the Eleka Minions will be guilty for that gruesome murder no doubt.

Eleka Minions

Eleka Minions TC

Eleka Minions Trading Card

This trading card is retired from the Minipets Island War 2007. When you place their Trading Card on your battle deck you can go directly to the Battle Arena to battle them.

Eleka Minions Specifications:

  • Base Health: 45
  • Base Magic: 45
  • Weapons: Fang Sabre and Claw Sword
  • Base Damage: 27HP

Eleka Minions

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