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Marapets Description: In the middle of Undying Woods sits a haunted house, filled with ghosts. Living there is a witch, who is believed to originally have been a Knutt - but now we are uncertain. Anyway, she goes by the name of Elger. She spends her time making strange potions and powerful crystals. She may want you to hunt for some items for her and if she does, make sure you do it on time! If you're late, she will angry.. and you do not want that do you?
Additional Comments: Elger (the Goddess of Crystals) is good, she is one of the best quests. However, spend no more than about 10,000MP for this quest.
Average Reward: 2,000-7,000 MP and always one Crystal worth at least 3,000 MP.
Minimum Reward: 500MP and always one Crystal worth at least 3,000 MP


Elger Quest

Cry love

Love Crystal


Card elger

Elger is also a Battle Arena enemy. When you place her Trading Card on your battle deck you can go directly to the Battle Arena to battle her.

Elger's Specifications:

  • Base Health: 145
  • Base Magic: 145
  • Weapons: Crystal Sword and Magic Broom
  • Base Damage: 76HP
Elger (1)

Elger (Enemy)

The Elger Trading Card is a retired item from the Easter Egg Hunt 2007. Click Here to visit Shera50's Marasite for more information!
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Quest Reward


Example of some of the crystals from the Elger Quest

Other related things to Elger

Avatar and Giftbox


You get this from completing 25 Haunted House (Elger) Quests.


Double Crystals Giftbox

Use this item and you will earn twice as many crystals from Elger for life.

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