Smetham Productions present: I Dream of Venus



The retired Love, Valentine and Jinn Costumes were released in December 2005, February 2009/2016/2020, and May 2019 Account Upgrades. The lovestruck Slater Stalker was responsible for making the Love Costume wearable by all pets. The Cupid Costume is a reward from the Obese Fairy once your pet eats 500 Gourmet Food. Putting this costume on your pet will make it Cupid! Cupid pets are coral and red with wings, a bow and arrow, and a white piece of cloth. Valentine pets are pink with certain features of theirs being heart-shaped. They hold Valentine's Day-themed things such as roses, red bows, and a box of sweets. Jinn pets, with their long purple hair and pink Arabian getup, derive their appearance from the titular character from the 1960s sitcom/movie I Dream of Jeannie.

Trivia: The Jinn Costume is the feminine counterpart to the Genie Costume. Jinn pets are also derived from spirits who could appear in animal form and seduce men.





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