Pronunciation: Er-cue
Pet Kind or Specie: Dragon
Date Introduced: 21st March 2006
Description: Introduced in the March 2006 Account Upgrades, the Ercuw is a Limited Edition pet that is highly sought out by many Maradans because of its rarity. You could put a costume on it to get a classic-looking dragon (see slideshow). It was since released in the Fire Fairy, Geek (now Fancy), Space Fairy, Vortex (now Tornado), Underwater, Frostfire, Swamp, Skater, Rainbow, Light, Old, and Stone Age Account Upgrades.

Revamp: Its ears and wings lost their wire-frames (at the cost of them becoming bigger; although they were kept in its Stone Age ancestor), its hands and feet now match its reptilian appearance, and it went into a flapping position.

Official Description: These little dragons are found in caves practicing fire breathing techniques.

Trivia: Purple Ercuw was modified shortly after its revamp to resemble Spyro the Dragon.

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Ercuw (#30)


Ercuws around Marada

One Ercuw is featured around the site: Cooking Ingredients Shopkeeper.


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